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Rave: Fellowes

January 6th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I recently called Fellowes to see what my options were for fixing my nearly broken shredder. There's a one year limited warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the blades. For some reason a few months ago something in my shredder apparently came loose. To use it required shaking it around a lot until the motor got started.

Anyway, I was told that they would not cover anything except the blades - but he said they wouldn't leave me hanging out to dry. For the price of the replacement part ($48) I was able to get a brand new shredder that was supposed to comparable. However, it wound up being even better.

I purchased my old shredder for $189 if I recall; this one retails currently for over $200 still. Not a bad deal. Brand new shredder including shipping for $48. Fellowes will get my business in the future!

Just take a look at how much larger the new one is (on the right) compared to my old one:

new shredder vs. old shredder #1 new shredder vs. old shredder #2 new shredder vs. old shredder #3

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