Mike's Enhanced Dune 2000 Trainer

Dune 2000I'm a sucker for this classic game. Originally the trainer stopped working after Windows 98SE, most likely due to the slight architecture differences between Win9x and WinNT (2000 and XP were based off NT.) I paid someone on RentACoder.com to patch up Razor's trainer so it would work under Windows XP, and he did a pretty good job. All of the features appear to work, except for "Show Map (F4)".

If you play multiplayer practice games, It appears that enabling Atreides = Player 1 (you), Ordos = Player 2 (computer), Harkonnen = Player 3 (computer) - the colors and units will not coordinate, but you can enable instant build for the other two players (which can be very fun, racing against the computer. It's almost impossible.)

Your Dune 2000 must be updated to version 1.06 - which is included below as well. It can be applied to the stock install without an issue.

Update: I am now hosting a neat collection of maps below thanks to the folks at FED2k/Dune2k.com. It appears their downloads are offline and I could not find any other place with them. Someone was nice enough to email them to me and I am hosting them here now for everyone to enjoy!

NOTICE: A lot of people claim this is a virus. I've ran multiple virus checkers and programs for years and have used this for years without a problem. I believe it is a false positive due to the fact that it is a program which alters the memory of another program - which is probably typical virus behavior. If anyone can identify what this supposed "virus" actually does I'll be more than happy to pay someone to investigate and fix it. However, I have never seen any malicious stuff on my system because of this, and if it was a true virus, it would be caught by all the major ones that I have used. So, don't use it if you're scared; it is no skin off my back. For the thousands of downloaders (including myself) who use it without being paranoid it's a virus - enjoy!