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Rave: KeyTweak

November 7th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I'm so sick and tired of hitting F1 and F3 mistakenly when wanting to actually hit F2 (my Dell and IBM keyboards are different, not to mention actual accidental misfires...) and after realizing the simple fact that I can disable the automatic forward/back buttons on my IBM ThinkPad's keyboard, I thought to myself "Hey stupid, why don't you just remap F1 and F3 to F2 so you stop launching the help dialog and the search box all the time." I was afraid it might be a pain in the ass to find a cheap/free reliable utility, but this one actually popped up right away and seems to work great. Thank you so much Travis.

I give you KeyTweak: http://webpages.charter.net/krumsick/

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