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Establishing a permanent address for the Drizzle

October 24th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

In my mind, Drizzle is shaping up to be the next hottest thing. As I can't help the project directly with code (C/C++ isn't my forte, no matter how hard I try), I'm trying to help in other ways. One of the ways is helping Drizzle establish a solid web presence and providing them with anything else I can give in support.

First off, I hunted for a proper domain name - drizzle.org. It wasn't "in use" per-se, it was parked, and I approached the owner. After some negotiation I was able to get it down to a number that didn't give the team much heartburn. Prior to announcing this publicly which could interfere with the transaction, I fronted the money myself and I am now working on getting the money back from donations. A lot has already been pledged by #drizzle on freenode. If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to send any amount via Paypal to "paypal AT mike2k.com"

I will keep the domain in my possession safely until the Drizzle Foundation is created (I believe it is in the works) or one of the core team has a safe haven for it. In the meantime, if it's desired we can start developing/working on a website, etc.

The goal is to raise roughly $1000 USD to cover the domain + Escrow costs. I've already said I would contribute a chunk of that. Please include in the PayPal description your full name/company/whatever identifying information you'd like and if you'd like it recorded, and I will record it and if the Drizzle guys wish, we can post your info on the [not established yet] website as a Drizzle supporter.

Note that this is not tax deductable or anything as there isn't an official foundation yet, and I am not sure the foundation will be a proper 501(c) anyway. This is purely an announcement that the domain has been purchased and a chance for the community to donate (or otherwise reimburse me, which will help since next month is property tax month :))

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