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Updates on the HTTP file upload front, part 2

December 3rd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Continuing from http://michaelshadle.com/2008/11/26/updates-on-the-http-file-upload-front/ ...

I've been doing some research and more hacking. Code should find its way out there sometime soon. Here's my notes since the last installment of the "As The File Upload World Turns"

  • Figured out the appropriate nginx configuration so there is no buffering to disk of the request.
  • Rudamentarily tested browser memory while uploading a 220 meg file - did not appear to use much more than normal (which leads me to believe that Gears is slicing the file up efficiently enough and only grabs the bytes it needs)
  • HTTP authentication will not work. From what I could understand from the code and some random comments, authentication information is not supported by Gears' XHR object.
  • Pause/resume is possible; I've changed the PHP server side piece to accept the byte offset Gears tells it to start at; originally was having issues until I determined why it wasn't fseek()'ing properly 🙂 However this still requires a more stateful approach on the client side. Will probably have to implement a local Gears database and possibly a worker pool setup. This will allow for persistence and other neat things.
  • I've got a decently functioning JavaScript UI which seems to calculate out the average speed, estimated time remaining, etc.

The only thing missing is a better attempt to see if Gears will retry the upload on a failure. I believe it is possible when dealing with a worker pool but this is -very- basic XHR usage at the moment. Perhaps since it is JavaScript-based we can add in our own re-transmission code. That's the next piece I'm going to mess around with.

Stay tuned for the results... (and code, most likely!)

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