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I love this frickin' toolkit

I have to give original props to Kevin for first letting me borrow it a couple times. He got it a long time ago but it appears Best Buy is still selling it.

It's Dynex, which is their "cheap house brand" - but it's still great. Its saved my hyde now a couple times. If it was a person, it would actually go under my "Respect Knuckles" category. I am almost tempted to do it anyway... But I digress!

From helping me dismantle a bunch of annoying hex screws on HD enclosures to helping me fish out what was almost a screw in an almost impossible place, this kit so far has been great. Price isn't too bad either, and of course, every geek needs something like this.

Price: $29.99
SKU: 7263061

Dynex® - Computer Tool Kit

There's probably hundreds out there, but this has a nice clean case, easily portable and so far has had a tool for everything I need.

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