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This is the problem with America

While the new healthcare bill certainly surprised me with things like requiring people to purchase insurance or be fined (I thought the point of this was actual universal healthcare, not universal coverage forced upon people...) and I certainly understand how people would be emotional about that, this whole craze of protesting should really be thought about from a more intelligent angle.

Here in Portland we recently had a couple cop-related shootings, which caused the public to protest. However, they began protesting before the identity of the victim or his issues was even exposed to the public. They were simply protesting for the sake of protesting. Then, a kid threw a bike at police, and wound up getting arrested - makes sense. However, then people started protesting about the kid who was protesting and got arrested. People even had signs saying "I threw the bike" - to me, if they want to take credit for a crime, so be it. You can go to jail too.

Protesting hasn't been an effective tool from what I can tell for decates. It slows down traffic, people come out just to come out and use it as an excuse to create violence or disturbance... has it stopped the war in the Middle East? Or anything? How many thousands of people and hundreds or thousands of protests have occured and what has changed? Nothing.

Anyway this article really pissed me off, it shows how uneducated the public is, and to me, you shouldn't be allowed to protest if you're not even smart enough to put together a phrase that has correct grammar and/or spelling...

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