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Microsize me

The world is getting smaller.

  • AT&T's got a Femtocell called a "MicroCell"
  • PayPal is an example of a "micropayment" service
  • Microformats are becoming increasingly popular to add more metadata into websites, mainly for richer machine processing
  • MicroATX is one of many small form factors. However, not as small as Nano-ITX, Mini-ITX
  • Twitter is the world's most popular "Microblogging" service
  • Need to clean something fragile? Microfiber cloths are typically used to clean luxury cars, computer parts, screens, etc.
  • Those small tweaks to squeeze out a little bit more performance? Micro-optimizations can be useful or can be a pain. It's up to you to decide what is worth it or not.

In this world of larger cars, larger boats, larger cruise ships, larger meals, just remember this - a lot of things are getting smaller. Typically technology... but I threw in another couple terms I seem to say often.


I forgot, microexpressions, now being made a household name thanks to the TV show "Lie to Me" (highly recommended show, btw.)

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