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Speeding up Drupal cache flushing

Are your cache clears slow?

Do you use features? It's great, but can become quite the beast when you run a "drush cc all" or a "drush fra" - and today we figured out why the "drush cc all" is an issue. Because when hook_flush_caches() runs, if you don't explicitly define this as FALSE, it will run the "fra" for you inside of your cache clear!

Add this to your settings.php:

$conf['features_rebuild_on_flush'] = FALSE;

Since we run our fra separately, we've disabled this, and noticed quite a reduction in time to "flush caches" (which was not only flushing caches but also reverting features, apparently!)

It's that unknown-to-us-before-today variable in the snippet below...

 * Implements hook_flush_caches().
function features_flush_caches() {
  if (variable_get('features_rebuild_on_flush', TRUE)) {
    // Don't flush the modules cache during installation, for performance reasons.
    if (variable_get('install_task') == 'done') {
      features_get_modules(NULL, TRUE);
  return array();
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