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"New" PHP-FPM instructions now posted

August 6th, 2009 No comments

I just posted some quick steps on how to get started messing around with the new PHP-FPM.

First, go signup to join the project at the Launchpad Project Page!

Remember this is not production ready quite yet. But download the code, test it out, and contribute. The steps are on the main page to get you started. It would be great if we could get it fixed up so it will work against 5.2.10 or 5.3.0 (and is smart enough to use the same ./configure script to determine it)

We can use many types of contributions, namely:

  • Developers - anyone who is familiar with C and PHP/FastCGI. We've got a list of desired features and such. Help us make them all happen!
  • Monetary contributions - keep the servers up, fund special requests, etc.
  • Documentation scrutiny - as the project changes, the documentation will need to reflect it. We'll try our best, but that's the great thing about using a wiki - update it as needed!
  • Translations - the wiki has translations currently, and the project itself -may- at some point require some translations. Possibly leveraging Launchpad's translation interface (which ties in to gettext hooks in the code)
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PHP 5.3.0 patch now considered stable

July 31st, 2009 2 comments

After a few weeks of people running it in production without any issues, I'm proud to say that PHP-FPM for PHP 5.3.0 can now drop it's "Release Candidate" title and is now in "production"

Download PHP-FPM:

Remember, PHP 5.3.x has a lot of differences than PHP 5.2.x - be sure to read the Changelog, migration guide, etc. located here: - watch out for a lot of E_DEPRECATED messages 🙂

However, I am excited about the performance improvements, mysqlnd, php.ini syntax stuff, support for htscanner like .htaccess file override capabilities and more.

In the future, PHP-FPM will no longer be a patch (at least, it shouldn't be) - there is now a new project on Launchpad that Andrei helped start that is a standalone PHP-FPM. It still requires PHP sources to compile it (for now) but it will allow the project to move at a quicker pace and not be bundled directly into PHP. Join the project and see how you can contribute today!

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