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Chrome now supports SPNEGO!

As of Chrome 5, it appears that SPNEGO (that seamless sign-on that happens using Kerberos tickets and GSSAPI and all that magical crap) on a Windows-centric network is supported. Thanks to Tim for noticing that today and after upgrading to version 5, I could confirm it.

I have to say that I have been impressed with Chrome, for the most part. I still would like a status bar at the bottom, I'm used to having some sort of "frame" around my windows to know where they end. Also it has a limited amount of things to customize inside of the options. However as far as development goes, it's moving along quite steadily after the initial launch and stagnation. I did expect this version to be noticeably faster but so far it seems the same. I especially expected Gmail and other Google properties to magically perform better... but nothing major to report so far.

When it comes down to it though it's becoming the default browser on almost all of my machines. It's faster on startup and such than Firefox and less prone to large memory usage (but still is a bit bulkier than I'd like...) but it's design is much better than Firefox's due to it's sandboxing. Hopefully development continues at the same rate though!

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