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Pidoco - rapid prototyping/wireframing - why didn't I find this before?

November 11th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

A while ago, I was looking for tools to do prototyping/wireframing so I could explain my ideas a bit better than some crappy sketched out "wireframes" on paper. For some reason, this one did not come up, so I want to help them gain exposure for being so awesome.

I just discovered this tool in the last hour. It not only  allows you to make wireframes, but actually usable prototypes - with links to external sites and other pages inside of the prototype, pull in external images and content, has layers like photoshop ... the list goes on and on. Best part is the learning curve was quite simple. I found another tool which was an Adobe AIR-based app, if I recall, but it was a bit cryptic and hard to use. This thing allows you to even invite people to do usability testing on your prototype, record their movements, leave comments, etc. Best of all, the cost is extremely reasonable!

There's simply too much to name off and now all I want to do for the next month is prototype out all my ideas!


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