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I was wrong.

November 18th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was wrong, and I'm happy to admit it.

I was worried that if FPM was to ever make it in to PHP core, it would stagnate and become part of such a big machine that it would take forever to receive updates. However, since its adoption into PHP 5.3.3, Jérôme has been hacking away on it and I was happy to see that in 5.3.4RC1, a handful of changes are being included:

  • Added '-p/--prefix' to php-fpm to use a custom prefix and run multiple instances. (fat)
  • Added custom process title for FPM. (fat)
  • Added '-t/--test' to php-fpm to check and validate FPM conf file. (fat)
  • Added statistics about listening socket queue length for FPM. (andrei dot nigmatulin at gmail dot com, fat)
  • Fixed inconsistent backlog default value (-1) in FPM on many systems. (fat)
  • Fixed bug #52674 (FPM Status page returns inconsistent Content-Type headers). (fat)
  • Fixed bug #52498 (libevent was not only linked to php-fpm). (fat)

Thanks guys, I am counting the days until I can finally use PHP 5.3. I also discovered the new magic variable __DIR__ exists a couple weeks ago - between everything, I am jonesing to move badly!

(For those wondering, "fat" is Jérôme's pseudonym.)

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