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Netflix jumps on the fleecing bandwagon

November 22nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you've read some older posts, I have praised Netflix for multiple reasons:

  • Great service
  • Easy-to-use, feature-rich but not overbearing website
  • Fast delivery times
  • Actually reduced the price of my plan voluntarily

Today I've got some bad news though. I just received an email notifying me that my plan will increase $3/month. Normally I wouldn't be as vocal, but this is on top of the deals they've made with studios to delay releases ~30 days. Netflix claims it will receive huge discounts and the press release for Fox says it will more of their library to be streamed. It's obvious the studios are supposedly hoping this ~30 day window will encourage consumers to rent/buy DVDs normally. Most sites I've read think it will just cause piracy to rise. I'm inclined to agree.

While the movie delay originally annoyed me, it wasn't enough for me to get too angry over. I'm so busy most of the time that 30 days passes me by in the blink of an eye. I don't believe Redbox has that restriction in place, so one could go rent a movie immediately from them still if they wanted.

However, now they are increasing costs on me while delivering less service. That I can't keep quiet about.

So with a heavy heart right now, I have to -2 Netflix. I kept the original movie delay -1 to myself. But now they get both negative marks at once for this new move. I really need to start a point system.

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